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Bob Bowden:

   "I retired from Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2013, but have not retired from my passion be your "go-to" source of secondary pharmaceutical audit data and associated analytics. Please give me a call to discuss a new cost-effective, state-of-the-art service delivering expert advice, database management, query tools, ad hoc secondary data design services and quantitative analytics."


About Bob Bowden

Bob is an innovative, problem-solving data & analytics professional with extensive experience at critical nodes of the analytic chain including Secondary Raw Data Collection, Primary Market Research Design, Management of Market Research Execution (both corporate-side and as an individual qual./quant.practitioner), Quantitative ROI Analytics, APLD (Anonymous Patient Longitudinal Data for the pharmaceutical industry) and Data Noise Quantification. Often two or more of these are interdependent and mission-critical, so you want to tap into an EXPERT (defined by Niels Bohr as someone who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a narrow field). You also want to utilize the services of someone who has learned from mistakes, and is humble enough to know he still traveling that road to expertise, as Bohr defined it.

Bob discovered, designed and implemented innovative methodologies for pressure-testing data quality from competing vendors on behalf of two leading companies in very different industries, most recently on APLD pharmaceutical sources; He has collected raw publicly available data at a board of elections by hand, analyzed it using self-written FORTRAN software (don't worry; he has joined the 21st Century and doesn't attempt this anymore), and presented quantitative INSIGHTS to campaign management who implemented the results to achieve a razor-thin 29-vote win (in a NYS Assembly election back in 1978). This began a career-long labor of love in marketing research and secondary data that recently culminated in his retirement from Bristol-Myers Squibb after sixteen years, the last 13 in secondary data management and reporting.

Now Bob has designed a business to address the secondary audit data needs of your organization in a way that maximizes effectiveness AND efficiency. Please give Bob a call at (267) 385-8855 to discuss!